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Three Ways to Strengthen Your Self-Esteem

Three Ways to Strengthen Your Self-Esteem

How would you rank the health of your self-esteem?  

If you have to think about your answer, it’s probably okay.

Low self-esteem does not necessarily require psychotherapy to be improved. However, understanding how it manifests itself and how it can negatively affect how you live your life is the first step to creating a healthier perspective of yourself.

First, what is self-esteem? It is the secret of your own worth, value, and abilities. Think of pride, self-respect, dignity …

You might be surprised by some of the ways low self-esteem presents itself. Do you apologize for anything and everything? Good manners do not require constant apologies, especially when they’re not merited. Listen to yourself to see if you’re overdoing it. And remind yourself that you’re not necessarily at fault.

Here’s another: Do you find yourself taking care of yourself? Low self-esteem can have physical side effects, and fatigue is one of them. Your naps might be an avoidance tactic or a sign of depression. Some practical moves, more sleep at night, or regular exercise – might help.

How can you improve your self-esteem? Here are a few ways to start:

  • Try a self-esteem inventory. Like they say, you can not know what you do not know. Take a piece of paper, draw strengths, and the left, as « weaknesses. » Think about how you operate, what are you doing? at. Write ten things down on each side – what do you say? You may be able to work on some of your points you’ve identified.
  • Try exploring yourself and expanding your horizons. After assessing your strengths and weaknesses, you can build your self-esteem by introducing yourself to new experiences, new ways of thinking, and new social interactions. By taking risks and getting yourself out of your comfort zone – and finding out how to grow your self-esteem.
  • Stop with the comparison game . It’s easy to look at a bigger house of money, or set of talents and find yourself coming up short. It does not help your self-esteem and it’s not fair. You do not know what they are doing and they are actually happier. Compare yourself to the person who really matters. Yourself. Be fair and compassionate towards yourself, your self-esteem will grow stronger.
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